Sleep Tracker: 5 Top Activity Trackers for Sleep

Looking for a Sleep Tracker?

Are you looking for a sleep tracker to give you the lowdown on your sleep performance? A wristband activity tracker can comfortably and accurately provide the sleep metrics you need.

Activity trackers provide many bio-metrics, however, you may be surprised when you discover how differently each tracker measures and displays your sleep data. Some give you minimal and basic information, while others provide a more complete and detailed picture of your sleep cycle.

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If sleep tracking is your focus, check out how each tracker’s technology paints your sleep portrait.

Here are the 5 best-selling trackers going into 2016…

1. The Jawbone UP3

Jawbone UP3 Sleep TrackerAlthough more expensive than most of its counterparts, the Jawbone UP3 is equipped to monitor and provide more in-depth sleep data than most other trackers.

Using new and cutting-edge multi-sensor technology, the Jawbone UP3 has the ability to record the individual sleep stages that comprise your sleep cycle. These stages include light sleep, deep sleep and even REM sleep. You get a detailed and accurate reporting of your sleep profile.

Jawbone UP3 Sleep Tracker App

In addition, the Jawbone UP3 tosses some actionable coaching recommendations your way that are based on the data gleaned from your sleep patterns.

Jawbone Smart Coach Insight

Most trackers now include a vibrating alarm, however the UP3 steps it up with a vibrating “smart” alarm. You set a wake-up window and the sensors pinpoint an optimal time within your sleep cycle to awaken you. The result: maximized restorative sleep and minimized grogginess in the morning.

Jawbone Sleep Tracker Smart Alarm

And, as sleep technology get better, Jawbone continuously delivers new features through free firmware and app updates.

If you don’t mind the initial cost and want cutting-edge technology, along with more features and plenty of sleep metrics, you want a Jawbone for your sleep tracker.

Retail – $179.90 | Amazon <check current price>

2. The Fitbit Charge HR

Fitbit Charge HR Sleep Tracker

Fitbit is ubiquitous in the fitness tracking market and the Charge HR is one of the most popular trackers being sold today.

As far as measuring your sleep, the Fitbit Charge HR delivers the basics. You get daily and weekly metrics on your total sleep, broken down into restful sleep and restless sleep. It does not, however, provide stats on light sleep, deep sleep or REM sleep.

Fitbit Sleep Tracker App

One of the unique advantages of Fitbit is the ability to leverage a huge database of sleep (and fitness) stats. Fitbit’s optional benchmarking and reporting tool can help you increase motivation, set goals and see trends by comparing your stats to peers or other specific demographics. (This feature requires a premium membership of $50/yr.)

Fitbit sleep tracker analysis provides peer rankingsThe reporting tool also provides extensive and personalized sleep reports. You get insight into historical sleep trends that make it easy for you to identify and address changes in your sleep patterns.

If you’re the kind of person who loves stats, and competition motivates you to achieve your goals, then Fitbit should be a good fit for you. (That is, of course, if you don’t mind the premium membership.)

Retail – $149.90 | Amazon <check current price>

3. The Polar Loop 2

Polar Loop 2 Sleep Tracker

Small, sleek and lightweight, the Polar Loop 2 comfortably tracks your movements and gives you a general profile of your sleep patterns.

The Polar sleep band tracks the total amount of nightly sleep and indicates the portion of sleep that is deemed restful. Peaceful periods in which there is little or no movement are considered restful sleep, while periods in which you move or change positions are considered restless sleep.

Polar Loop 2 Sleep Tracker App

The data provided by Polar is basic – and may be too basic for some. Detailed sleep pattern metrics, such as light sleep, deep sleep or REM sleep, are not tracked.

However, if you are looking for simplicity, and if general sleep measurements are all you need, the Polar Loop 2 provides a solid activity and sleep tracker.

Retail – $119.90 | Amazon <check current price>

4. Misfit Shine 2

Misfit Shine 2 Sleep Tracker

Misfit’s Shine 2 packs the very latest sensor technology into a small aircraft-grade aluminum disc, and then fits it into a flexible silicon band. The Shine 2 is powered by a replaceable coin-type battery designed to last up to 6 months.

Shine 2’s sleep app is simple. It shows you the total hours slept along with your periods of light sleep and restful sleep.

Misfit Shine 2 Sleep Tracker App

If you are looking for a sleek sleep tracker, and one that requires no charging, this tracker may be the ticket. You can get more features from the Jawbone, but it will cost more bones…and will you use those extra features?

Retail – $99.99 | Amazon <check current price>

5. Withings Activité Pop

Withings Activite Pop Sleep TrackerWithings Activité Pop looks much like a sports watch. The case on this slim and lightweight tracker is PVD-coated, giving it an attractive and durable finish. No need for weekly recharging either. A battery is designed to run the Pop for over eight months before needing replacement.

The Activité Pop app provides you with 1) a graph showing time awake, time in light sleep and time in deep sleep, 2) total time in bed, 3) total time sleeping, 4) percentage of your sleep goal achieved, 5) heart rate (if integrated with optional sleep system), 6) time before falling asleep, and 7) the time you awoke throughout the night.

Withings Activite Pop Sleep Tracker App

(REM sleep can also be tracked if the tracker is integrated with the Aura Smart Sleep System.)

The Withings’ app records and stores your entire sleep history, enabling you to easily track and evaluate your sleep evolution over time.

Withings is very focused on the sleep aspect of fitness. They also provide the Aura Smart Sleep System which is designed specifically to monitor and optimize your sleep environment. A Withings’ tracker is a logical choice if you want to implement a larger sleep strategy and seamlessly integrate other Withings’ components.

Retail – $149.95 | Amazon <check current price>

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